Roulette Strategies

by Gayle Mitchell

There are five Roulette Strategies in this Learn to Play Roulette lesson and a table betting layout for reference.
The savvy player makes a series of predetermined bets rather than betting all over the table.

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1) After observing for a while, I will bet the minimum on, let’s say, black, and then place an additional minimum bet on the third column of numbers below the number 36. This roulette strategy covers all 18 black numbers and the third column has the most red numbers on the layout (eight).
Therefore, I’m covering a total of 26 numbers. On a win, I get even money on the black or 2 to 1 on the column. Better still, I can win with these roulette strategies for both bets if my black number is in the third column after the final spin.
I can reverse this minimum wager and bet on all 18 red numbers, with an additional bet at the bottom of the middle column under 35 to cover eight black numbers. Again, I have covered 26 numbers.
I have had good success with this roulette strategies method. After six wins in a row at one Vegas roulette table, I had taught the whole table the system much to the croupier’s chagrin.

2) Dozen/Column Betting--Roulette Strategies: If you place four bets, 2 Dozen, and 2 Column, you will cover all numbers except 4 inside and the double zeros, therefore, 32 numbers, and some numbers twice. All wins pay 2-1.
Example: 1-12, first dozen..13-24, second dozen..2nd column, under #35 and 4th bet 3rd column, under #36. You can mix and match with the third dozen bet and first column bet under #34, always betting 2 dozens and 2 columns on each spin.

3) Five number Combination Roulette Strategies involves the first chip bet on a six number combination, then placing a straight-up bet on four other numbers, thereby covering 10 numbers for each spin.
Six number combo bet and 4 numbers straight up bets:
6 Number Combo Bet and 4 Numbers Straight Up Bets
1-6 20, 26, 8, 10
4-9 13, 14, 15, 10
10-15 16, 17, 18, 28
13-18 11, 12, 27, 28
19-24 1, 2, 4, 26
28-33 00, 22, 24, 35
31-36 0, 00, 29, 30

4) Nine Number Betting Combination Strategy involves 9 split bets straddling two numbers to cover a total of 18 numbers for each spin.
Split bet on: 1 & 4, 2 & 5, 3 & 6, 11 & 12, 26 & 27, 25 & 28, 31 & 34, 32 & 35, 33 & 36.

5) Twelve Number Betting Combination Strategy involves 12 split bets straddling two numbers to cover a total of 18 numbers, or half the layout, excluding the double zeros for each spin. Each winning bet pays 17-1.
You can place your 12 split bets in many different series on the layout, utilizing two twin-split wagers on the 3 numbers that run across the layout known as a ‘street.’
For example, the numbers 1-2-3 are a street, and if you place a split bet between 1 & 2 and another split bet between 2 & 3, then continue to place split bets on 4 & 5 and 5 & 6, down six streets. You’ve got the strategy.
If you are standing at the bottom of the roulette table looking up from the 34, 35, 36 end, this strategy combination will look like a ladder with six split bets straddling the first and second column, and six bets, the second and third column.
Place your 12 bets at the top of the layout to cover numbers 1-18, or choose the bottom of the layout to cover numbers 19-36.
Or 6 chips at the top of the layout #1-9 and bottom 6 chips #28-36.
Or 4 chips in each dozen area of the layout - 2 split bets on the 4, 5, 6 street, 2 on the 7, 8, 9 street = first dozen.
Two split bets on the 16, 17, 18 street, two on the 19, 20, 21 street = second dozen.
Two split bets on the 28, 29, 30 street, two on the 31, 32, 33 street = third dozen.
Mix and match, but in a consistent fashion when placing these 12 bets.

Keep spinning those wheels, and don’t forget progressive betting, pressing or upping your bet after each win.

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Dr. Richard Jarecki operated on the casinos in Monte Carlo and San Remo to the tune of $1,280,000.
Dr. Jarecki was a biased-wheel player who looked for wheels that were “off.”
He found them and stitched together quite a winning streak.
In a three-year period, from 1986 to 1989, Billy Walter’s roulette teams won approximately five million dollars from casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, also playing biased-wheels.

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