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The Gambling Teachers Biography page details the bios of our specialized team of gambling pros. The Learn to Win and How to Play programs and lessons at Gambling Teachers were written and created by these career gaming professionals.

Gambling Teachers Biography: Gayle MitchellGayle Mitchell at Gambling Teachers
is the leading female expert of casino gambling.
Gayle has written extensively and presented seminars about casino gambling since 1996.
Her writing and teaching style is targeted at educating novice and newer casino players.
She combines easy-to-understand strategies, wager management and an amusing flair in her articles/columns, newsletters and seminars.
Author: Casino Gambling Made Easier books, E-Books, booklets & Slots Trilogy. Mitchell has written six books, five booklets and 7 EBooks.
Editor of 4 online gaming newsletters including Casino Players Ezine.
Presenter of Intelligent Gambling & Wager Management and Hot Slots seminars at community colleges and Casino Expo.
Gayle has been interviewed on over 700 radio/TV programs across the US and Canada.
President of Casino Players Workshop & Seminars-publishers since 1996. Online since 1999.

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Gayle, is the founder and creator of Gambling Teachers.
Our mission at Gambling Teachers is to provide a complete gambling education with Learn to Win programs and lessons for all the popular casino games taught by gambling pros.
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I am pleased to introduce the GT team of professional gamblers with these Gambling Teachers Biography details.

Gambling Teachers Biography: Frank Scoblete
is America's #1 best-selling gaming author.
Frank's current book is The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures. Other books are The Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution! and The Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution!
His new DVD is Golden Touch: Beat Craps by Controlling the Dice! which shows over 200 controlled dice throws - many in slow motion.
For a free brochure or to order Frank's products, call 1-800-944-0406
Frank's books and tapes have sold almost two million copies.
He has been awarded certificates from as the best-selling gaming author on the Internet and the Barnes & Noble website calls him: "Unquestionably the number one best-selling gaming author."
With the phenomenal success of his first book, Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos in 1991 which has subsequently become the best-selling craps book of all time, Frank began a successful climb to the top of the gaming mountain.
He is now the most well known, respected and sought-after gaming writer in the country. He has written 20 books, three video and three audio tapes.
Frank has served as a consultant to IGT, J.Berwin and eGaming Review in England, CNN, the Discovery Channel, ABC, Walter Cronkite, TBS, Silicon Gaming, Mikohn Gaming, Cadillac Jack and The Travel Channel and History Channel.
He has appeared frequently on television and does a weekly radio show from Memphis, Tennessee--The Goodtimes Show, WMC, on the Infinity Broadcasting Network. His gaming tips are broadcast on KATY in California.
Frank has his own very popular website in association with RGT online.
A charismatic speaker, Frank has been featured at many festivals and symposiums throughout the county.Frank is a regular contributor and columnist for over 40 magazines and newspapers in America, Canada, and the Islands. He is widely syndicated on the internet.
Frank Scoblete lives New York with his wife, Alene Paone. He has two grown sons.
All his books and tapes are available in leading bookstores or on Internet book sites such as
Frank is executive director of the Golden Touch Craps Dice Control and Golden Touch Blackjack seminars in advantage play. For more information call 1-866-SET-DICE.

Gambling Teachers Biography: Dr. Henry Tamburin
is America's most popular casino gambling writer, speaker, instructor, and blackjack expert.
Lead Instructor for the Golden Touch Blackjack course featuring Speed Count that is offered in different cities in the US. For more information, visit GoldenTouchBlackjack or call 1-888-WIN-BJ21
Feature writer for Casino Player Magazine, Midwest Gaming &Travel Magazine, Jackpot, Gaming South, Southern Gaming, and Bingo Bugle.
Author of the best-selling books Blackjack: Take the Money & Run, Craps: Take the Money & Run, Henry Tamburin on Casino Gambling, Winning Baccarat Strategies, The Ten Best Casino Bets, and Reference Guide to Casino Gambling.
Skilled blackjack tournament player: competed in Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Blackjack Tournament (twice), World Series of Blackjack (televised) and recently the Ultimate Blackjack Tour that pitted blackjack experts against poker stars.
A dynamic and popular speaker, he has been a guest at hundreds of seminars, jamborees, conventions, radio, and TV shows.
Editor and publisher of the popular Blackjack Insider e-Newsletter, which is emailed monthly to 11,000 subscribers.
For more details and to read the current issue visit BJ Insider.
Host of, site containing information and strategy for casino players including Henry Tamburin's Top 10 Casino Tips. Smart

Gambling Teachers Biography: John Grochowski
is a familiar figure to readers among casino players and executives alike. Players know him through his regular contributions to Midwest Gaming and Travel, Southern Gaming and Destinations magazine, and he stays on top of developments within the casino industry as a regular in Slot Manager and International Gaming and Wagering Business Magazines.
His weekly column, distributed to newspapers and Web sites, has covered casinos and casino games since the beginning of 1994.
He's the author of seven books on gaming, with the latest being the revised edition of The Slot Machine Answer Book. Released in the summer of 2005, it's the latest in his series that includes The Video Poker Answer Book, The Craps Answer Book and The Casino Answer Book.
In 2005, John added radio to his resume. He does two one-minute 'Beat the Odds' tips each week, one airing three times Saturday and the other three times Sunday on all-news WBBM-AM in Chicago. A popular speaker at seminars, John can be found on the Web at Casino Answer Man

Gambling Teachers Biography: Larry Edell
is the Editor of The Crapshooter Newsletter, as well as a columnist with over 200 feature articles published.
He has written, co-written, edited or published eleven books, the latest of which is The Everything Craps Strategy Book. Larry's Website

Gambling Teachers Biography: Bill Burton
is the author of Get the Edge at Low Limit Texas Hold'em and 1000 Best Casino Gambling Secrets. He's the casino gambling columnist for the Internet portal
Bill started his writing career as a copywriter for a local radio station after graduating college. He got away from his chosen field but never lost his desire to write. Since 1998 he has been able to combine his writing talents with his passion for the casinos and the games as the columnist for
He writes for several national gaming magazines and newsletters. Some of these publications include; Strictly Slots, The Southern California Gaming Guide, Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine, Southern Gaming and Destinations magazine, Blackjack Insider, and Video Poker Player.
Bill started playing in the Casinos when he made his first trip to Atlantic City in 1980. After mediocre winnings and much excitement, he decided to read and learn everything he could about Casinos. As his library of books grew, so did his winnings and desire to learn even more. His library contains hundreds of books on all aspects of casino gambling.
Bill started receiving questions about casino poker from his readers. He had played poker most of his life but had no experience playing in a public card room and had never played the popular game Texas Hold'em.
In January 2000, he decided to study the game and gain some first hand knowledge. He did more than study; he immersed himself in it until he became a winning player.
Besides becoming a winning player in the low limit games he went on to win several Texas Hold'em tournaments. 

Gambling Teachers Biography: J Phillip Vogel
is considered the leading authority of online gambling.
J. Phillip Vogel has written for most of the major gaming publications worldwide including Casino Player, Strictly Slots, Gambling Times, Double Down, Gaming Express, Gambling Online, Bluff, Cool Player, Gaming Products & Services, and He is also the author of a series of best-selling gambling books collectively titled The Real Deal.
His latest book is Internet Gambling: How to Win Big Online Playing Bingo, Poker, Slots, Lotto, Sportsbetting & Much More available at

Gambling Teachers Biography: Tony Stoffo
is the former Race and Sportsbook Manager of the Desert Inn Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Stoffo has created a brand name for himself as one of the leading sports handicappers in the nation over the past 5 years. His current publication is Money Management for the Year Round Professional Sports Handicapper.
In his book, Tony not only shows you who to play, but more importantly, he teaches you how to play to maximize your betting dollars. Tony Stoffo's website

Gambling Teachers Biography: Vincent Conti
has written several books about Horseracing and has provided 3 lessons at our Sport Betting section.
His book, Thoroughbred Horse Racing Systems and Methodologies - Volume 1 by Vincent Conti is available at

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