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10 Reasons and Benefits

by J. Phillip Vogel

This lesson explores 10 reasons why you should learn to play online casinos.
Once upon a time gamblers had pretty much just two choices. Those choices were to pack your things and head out to Las Vegas or on the east coast, Atlantic City.
You had one other option and that was to simply stay put and make your bets with some of the available illicit sources. Now let’s shoot straight to the present.
You can choose either of the formerly mentioned cities, or choose from one of the many Indian Casinos that are cropping up across the nation.
When you get the urge to play, there are betting parlors, card rooms, sports books and even high-stakes bingo opening worldwide, but we are not always able to just pick up and go for one reason or another, but we want to play.
What do we do in a case like this?  We learn to play casino games online!
There is no dress code requirement or travel expense to get in on the action. You can play the tables, slots, several poker versions or bet on your favorite sports team.

With this newfound freedom of online gambling, many traditional gamblers question the real value of playing online.
Their position is that not only are the land-based casinos more readily available these days, but they also offer the same games in a safe environment that is regulated. This is a fact that the online gambling companies cannot currently claim, though they have continually asked the US to regulate them.
Additionally, they are of the opinion that gambling online is lacking the same excitement levels that go along with gambling in a traditional casino setting.
Come on, you’re only staring at a bunch of computer generated images on a computer monitor. How is that any fun?
Taking all of the factors into consideration, I’m sure your asking now “Why learn to play online?”

I submit to you that yes, there may be limitations when you learn to play online like counting cards in Blackjack when the cards are shuffled every hand. It stands that playing online has quite a bit to offer the online gambler not only from the standpoint of entertainment, but strategically as well.

There are many games on the internet, slots in particularly come to mind, offer payout schedules that are higher than average along with a wider range of betting limits available.
Add to that the possibility of winning life-altering jackpots that are associated with some of the games. Getting beyond that, players can actually look back at most online casinos and see their play history.
Additionally, you have the opportunity to check and see which games are best to play, including the ones that payout best.
Then there’s the ability to change from slot machines to video poker, to table games without even leaving your seat!
Feel free to experiment with new games and learn the strategies without the pressure of other people judging every move you make. These examples barely scratch the surface of the debate.

Now let’s move to the 10 favorite reasons to learn to play online:
1. A Haven for Better Odds
Depending upon the game of course, those who play on the internet are routinely treated to better odds when they learn to play online than they will usually find in the traditional gambling setting. Let’s use Roulette for example.
A typical Roulette wheel in the US will have 38 numbered slots that will be labeled 1-36, then the 2 slots for zero and double zero.
There is a house edge on this version of the game of about 5.26% while in the European version of the game there are only 37 slots that are numbered 1-36 and then the zero. There is no double zero slot in this version.
What this ultimately means is that the double zero being removed from the wheel lowers the house vigorish from 5.26% to one that is much more favorable at 2.7%. As online casinos cater to an international market, they will offer both versions of roulette, a feature US players can capitalize on.

In a similar manner, those that enjoy playing slots will see that the internet casinos offer payouts that are higher than average of the traditional casinos. They average somewhere around 97%, with some in the better neighborhood of 98-99%. 
Since most of the reputable online casinos post their payout percentage average for each type of game on a monthly basis, those who are willing to invest a little time can hunt down the sites that offer only the very best odds for their preferred games.

2. Freedom to Learn to Play Online
Have you ever been in a position where you wanted to try a particular game but you were reluctant to risk the money or worse still, be the focus of those who are impatient? For the beginning gambler or even for seasoned veterans that are looking to get their feet wet with a game that is not familiar to them, most internet casinos will offer you a “play for free” version of the software.
This will provide you with an opportunity to learn a game and perfect your skills without risking one single cent of your money.
Now, since you are alone playing against the house, you are able to take your time and make crucial decisions or even perhaps use a strategy card if possible to guarantee every move that you make is the perfect decision. 
Additionally, Gambling Teachers Free Learning Center is here to assist with programs, lessons and an online gambling guide to enhance your education.

3. Learn to Play Online for Comps, Comps, Comps
Traditional gambling establishments will offer their favored players meals, show tickets and even free hotel rooms.
Internet casinos of course are limited to a single type of comp and that of course is the free money. For those that can remember back when in the early days of internet gambling, these comps were low if they existed at all. These days are different as competition increases to get more players through that virtual door.

Most of the sites are now offering a wealth of comps to both new and existing players. These comps take on many forms but will usually include signup bonuses, match bonuses, coupons for free play, high roller bonuses, VIP clubs and more.
There are even a few who offer free money simply for downloading and installing the software with absolutely no deposit required.
The comp values vary from one casino to the next from as little as $20 to more than $1000 so the savvy player will always keep an eye open for the best programs.

4. Learn to Play Online for Convenient Access
When you consider the benefits of online play, one of the top ranking benefits is convenience. Gamblers are no longer at the mercy of the location. As long as they have internet access they can play any game they want at any time without having to wait for a seat or fighting the crowd to get to a new section of the casino.
With wireless gaming now the mainstream, gamblers have a greater level of accessibility. Imagine being able to play your favorite game while on your way to work on the bus or subway!
How about those boring lunch breaks? Let’s see you try to sneak to Vegas on your lunch hour.
Forget about the hustle and bustle of the airport or traffic jams trying to get to your favorite casino to play. Use the savings from airline tickets and fuel to bolster your bankroll and play online.

5. Less Pressure when You Learn to Play Online
One of the absolute best online casino gambling benefits is the sheer luxury of moving along at your own pace.
Unless you hit a multi-player table game, internet gaming allows people the time to carefully consider their moves and make better decisions while moving along at a slower pace.
In a traditional casino, it can be intimidating when you are at a Blackjack table trying to decide what to do and all the others including the dealer are waiting on you to decide.
With the online casino setting, you are able to carefully consider your options as to which moves to make without anyone else trying to rush you along.
Additionally, you will feel less pressure on your actions knowing that a misplayed hand won’t hurt the table and make you an enemy off all of the other players there.

6. Learn to Play Online for More Variety
If you are able to place a bet on it, you can be sure it’s online. Though the traditional gambling fare like casino games, sportsbetting and poker are still the most common games in town, players who are inclined to do so will be able to find plenty of sites that will offer horse racing, international lotteries, bingo, fixed odds numbers games and even non-traditional games such as chess, backgammon, dominoes and even billiards.

7. Learn to Play Online for Originality
While a lot of the casino sites take a “cookie-cutter” approach to online gaming by offering the same software and games that many others use, that is quickly taking a backseat in today’s new online casino creations.
Many online casino sites offer games that are unique and are not readily available for you to play at other casinos.
Not only are these games absent at other online casinos, but they are not part of the traditional land-based casino offerings either. Take Slotland for instance. They are the Unofficial King of proprietary software that provides gamblers with a complete suite of games that are entirely original and unlike any other.

8. Learn to Play Online for Never-ending Tournament Action
With poker gambling popularity taking center stage as it has in recent times, it’s no wonder that the ‘big dogs’ within the industry offer players a never-ending stream of tournament action.
Poker isn’t the only game that boasts these huge online tournaments though. Just about every popular game has a tournament somewhere on the internet.

9. Learn to Play Online and Get Assistance 24/7/365
Many gamblers will avoid playing on the internet for the simple reason that they fear running into a problem and being left on their own. This just doesn’t happen with the reputable online casinos.
These casinos know that customer support will either make or break their casino and is important to the bottom line. They also realize that a speedy response to any issue is important in building player confidence.
For these reasons, you will find that they offer support 24/7/365 and will respond to all inquiries relatively quickly depending on the volume of inquiries received.
These contact methods vary from casino to casino, but nearly all of them have at least a toll-free number to call and an email address. The better ones will also offer live chat as well.

10. Learn to Play Online for Continual Gaming Tips and Info
Many people are trying games that they may not have otherwise played in a traditional casino setting. Often times the games are played without the proper strategy and in recent times many of the online casinos have taken to putting tutorials on their websites to teach the new players how to properly play these games with optimal strategy.
Additionally, Gambling Teachers Learn to Win & How to Play programs-lessons by gambling pros is an accessible, free resource to add to your gambling education toolbox.

These are some compelling reasons to learn to play online wouldn’t you think?
The simple fact that you can get more free money and better odds than in any traditional casino is just about reason enough.
Sure, internet gambling certainly does lack some of the ambience that you’ll find in the glitzy land-based counterparts with all their marble and lights that line the Strip, but if you are looking for a solid gaming experience then taking the time to learn to play online is well worth the effort.

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