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by J. Phillip Vogel

Online free play or practice play including online poker free-rolls is a casino luxury that most often goes unappreciated.
While it certainly is true that online free play does indeed shave off a bit of the excitement of the action going on--well, okay, a LOT of the excitement, the true value of it isn’t the thrill of the chase.
It is more of a fantastic opportunity to explore what is available, and to learn the many free casino games with zero risk involved.
You can freely play that version of poker that was a mystery before--Pai Gow or Badugi, maybe? Or, how about that slot or video poker version never explored?
It gives online players the chance to test strategies that are both proven, and theoretical, learn the basics of games that they aren’t familiar with or to simply have fun knowing there is no consequence no matter what they decide to do. Want to play that favorite game at a max bet of $200 a spin? Go for it!

The free play is not just for novice players though. They are a wonderful resource for gamblers of all skill levels.
It is unfortunate that it is often difficult to convince veteran gamblers to explore this option.
Even if it is warranted by the situation such as testing a new casino site. Despite the fact that it is clearly to their advantage to do so, many feel that their familiarity with online gambling makes the step unnecessary, wrongly believing that online gambling software is all the same.
They think, “Why bother with it when trying it out will be no different than any other site?”
The fact is it does not matter whether this is your first time playing or your one thousandth; it’s never a good idea to play at a new site without first getting some experience with the software through online free play. This step is too important to take lightly.
That’s not to say that the games aren’t wholly without their drawbacks. Just like anything else you will encounter in life, there are both good points and bad.

A Few Good Points
Set aside the entertainment value of playing the games. There are some vitally important reasons why both novice players and veteran casino gamblers alike should give the preview games a whirl with online free play.

Players can test before they commit

This allows players to try out the casino sites software before parting company with any of their cash. This is an excellent way to get a look and feel for the graphics. This is the perfect strategy to decide whether the site is a good match for your preferences or not.

Practice Makes Perfect
It can never be a bad idea to practice a little on some of your favorite games. This is true especially if you have been away for a while.
Practice play is especially important if you are more into the skill games and you are working on new strategies that need to be fine-tuned.

Players Gain Experience with Unfamiliar Games
When you are dealing with new games at internet casinos, it is to your advantage to preview the casino games and to learn the theoretical basics behind the game. Then you should get some practical experience playing the game.
For the novice player who has never played online before, this would likely include all or most of the games that they like playing.
Online free play offers a risk-free option to learn the games where there is no money involved and is the most cost-effective way to learn how to play them.

Get Your Feet Wet
For those who like to gamble and have never seen the “inside” of an online casino before, playing the games in this section affords you the opportunity to make the jump from land-cased casinos to those that are online without any pressure.

A Few Bad Points about Online Free Play

As was stated previously, just like everything else in life, there are good points about things and there are bad. It’s true that nothing is perfect as we wish it were.
Here are a few of the issues that practice gamers will likely encounter during their online free play.

Incomplete Selection
In the free play mode, not all of the games will be available to you that can be played in the real money mode. If you are visiting a new online casino and are not sure if a game you prefer is available, feel free to contact the customer support department and ask them about it. They are always more than happy to answer your questions.

Limited Amount of Interaction 
You will typically be facing off against the computer-generated house and it can get boring fast. If you want to chat or compete against other players then micro-limit multi-player games may very well be your only option.

It takes Time
Between downloading and registering, if it is a download casino, it can take 20 minutes or more to go through the process from beginning to end.
Once you have done all that there is the possibility that you simply do not like that online casino software. This means going through the entire process again at another site.

Unrealistic Action
Despite the fact that these games are identical to the real games, if you are facing any opponents in multi-player games, they may act differently than they would were you playing for real money.
For example, if you are in an online poker room, don’t be surprised if 7 out of 10 players go all in just about every hand with garbage.
This is something they would never do if they were playing for real money.

So, while these games are an extremely valuable resource for online gamblers, especially if you are a novice player, they are unfortunately, not without their limitations.
Despite these drawbacks, online free play is an important step to safely enter and compete in the exciting world of online gaming.

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