All American Video Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

All American Video Poker has all but disappeared at land-based casinos, but has been revived online and that is exciting news.
As I have discussed, I believe that the straight flush hand does not receive the higher payout it deserves, but not with this game.

During our expeditions to search for full-pay video poker, we scan many pay schedules. You can always count on one common denominator and that’s the straight flush payout of 250 credits.
Finally, we arrive at All American Video Poker where the generous 1000 credit payout for a straight flush gets our attention.

Another attention-grabber is that ALL straights, flushes and full houses pay 40 credits, unlike any other VP paytable. 
The overall average payout for All American Video Poker is 100.72% further highlighting it's value. 
These pay schedules may also be offered under the names of Gator Bonus Poker and Draw Deluxe.

I have provided an 8/8 paytable illustration below at Learn to Play Video Poker program.
8/8, as noted in bold,  refers to an 8 coin return for 1 coin or 40 coin max return  for a full-house, flush and in this case, a straight also.

Pay Schedule: All American Video Poker 8/8
Pair--Jacks or Better
Two pair (2 PR)
Three-of-a-kind (3/kind)
Straight (ST)
Flush (FL)=8
Full House (FH)=8
Four-of-a-kind (any)
Straight Flush (SF)
Royal Flush (RF)

max coin return
5 coins
5 coins
15 coins
40 coins
40 coins
40 coins
200 coins
1000 coins
4000 coins

Overall Average Payback = 100.72%. 

  • To begin--do not and I repeat, do not play All American with the same Jacks+ strategy that you have wisely memorized, because you will reduce the overall average payback to 97%.
  • I have simplified this learning curve by suggesting a few simple questions you should ask before determining hold and discard decisions based on this particular pay schedule. All pat hands dealt are held.
  • Is there four parts of a Royal?
  • Is there four parts of a straight flush?
  • Is there a four-card flush?
  • Is there a four-card outside straight?
  • Is there a four-card inside straight?
  • Is there a 3-card straight flush with only one gap? (example: 5, 6, 7, 9)
  • Is there a three card Royal?
  • Are there three cards of the same suit?
  • Are there three unsuited high cards (Jacks+) of a straight?
  • Is there a two card Royal?
  • Are there two pairs? (hold both for possible full house)
  • Is there one pair? 
You will discover that you seldom throw away all five dealt cards.
Lastly, accuracy counts more than speed here, especially for a beginner.

May all your VP choices turn out to be ‘Royalty’.

All American Video Poker is followed by Bonus Deluxe Video Poker
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