Video Poker Versions: Multi-hand & Bonus Explained

by Gayle Mitchell

Video Poker versions include Multi-hand and Bonus versions of Double Bonus, Double Double Bonus and Double Double Jackpot Poker to name a few.
The ‘Jackpot’ Poker game mentioned is also known as Aces and Faces video poker version.
The most exciting way to play VP—multi-hand versions are also discussed in this lesson at Learn to Play Video Poker program.

Listed below are the average payback percentages for Bonus Video Poker versions.
These percentages are maintained with maximum coins per hand with ‘full-pay’ schedule play and optimum strategy. 

8/5 Jacks+ Bonus: 2 pair pays 2 = 99.17%
10/7 Jacks+ Double Bonus: 2 pair pays 1 = 100.15%
9/6 Double Double Bonus: 2 pair pays 2 = 98.98%
8/5 Double Jackpot Poker: 2 pair pays 2 = 99.63%                       
9/6 Double Double Jackpot Poker: 2 pairs pays 1=100.35%         

8/5 Bonus Poker: pays 2 for 2 pair, four aces pays 400 and four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s pays 200.

10/7 Double Bonus Poker: 10/7 refers to 10 coins for a full house and 7 coins for a flush as per one coin payout. Pays 1 for 2 pair, four aces pays 800. This is the best Bonus VP version.

9/6 or 9/5 Double Double Bonus Poker: pays 1 for 2 pair, four aces pays 2000 when fifth card is either a 2, 3 or 4, otherwise pays 800.

8/5 Double Jackpot Poker: 2 pair pays 2, four aces pays 400, four kings queens and jacks pay 200. There are also extra bonuses for four aces with KQJ and four kings, queens and jacks with AKQJ fifth card. This version is also known as Aces and Faces.

9/6 Double Double Jackpot Poker: which is the better play, pays 1 for 2 pair, four aces pay 800, four kings queens and jacks pay 400. Again, extra bonus points are awarded for a certain fifth card with four aces, kings, queens and/or jacks.
Keep in mind that because of the higher payouts for top hands, the pair and two pair pays are often the same--1 coin rather than 2 plus other paying hands such as straights and flushes are reduced.
Let’s explore multi-hand versions, the most exciting and innovative Video Poker trend ever.
Multi-Hand Video Poker Versions:
I’m sure you know the multi-hand drill by now. As with standard video poker, you’re dealt five cards, you may hold from zero to all five. The cards you keep appear in all the other hands as you discard/deal. Multi-hand VP can feature three, five, ten, fifty, even one hundred hands per bet.
Versions available online and land-based include, but are not limited to Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double-Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. The quarter, five play version bet is $6.25 per spin, ($1.25 x 5 = $6.25).

I also suggest play at sky-high progressive Royals on any individual hand or, even better, when you are dealt a Royal for a total return that will leave you reeling.Now, that’s what I call multiple rewards.

Strategies for Multi-hand games are the same as any particular single payline version and you should continue to practice optimum strategy.

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Video Poker Online: 50 Play Power Poker is played on a 50-hand grid.
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