Video Poker Quiz 2

by Gayle Mitchell

For Video Poker Quiz 2, your knowledge about specific versions offered in VP land is tested.
If you are a novice player, this video poker quiz is a good beginning towards your VP education.
For veteran players, there are some challenging questions just for you.
Let’s get started...

1) What is the difference between Full pay and Short pay Video Poker?
A. Short pay VP pays higher coin for better hands. Ex=quads.
B. Full Pay VP offers the best payback overall, while ‘Short pay’ VP reduces the payback for certain hands.
C. There is no difference as the overall payback will be the same if you play optimum strategy.    
2) Which Deuces Wild version pays the most for 4 Deuces?
A. Loose Deuces.
B. Deuces Wild.
C. Bonus Deuces Wild.
3) Double Double Jackpot Poker, also known as Aces & Faces pays a bonus if the fifth card with 4 Aces is?
A. King or Queen only.
B. Jacks poker quiz 2 at gambling teachers
C. Any King, Queen or Jack. 
4) Pick ‘Em Poker pays 2-1 for a pair of ?
A. Pair of 8’s or better.
B. Pair of 9’s or better.
C. Pair of 10’s or better.
5) When playing Multi-hand VP: 3, 5, or up to 100 hands at one time, how does optimum strategy change?
A. It doesn’t. Play each hand the same and look for full-pay VP.
B. You should focus more on the high paying quads and Royals as there are more opportunities to connect with multi-hands in play. 
C. I can play short-pay versions as there are more hands in play.

Video Poker Quiz Questions 6 - 10
6) What is the best strategy for this VP non-wild hand: AD, KD, QD, JD, 7D?
A.  Keep all cards for a flush.
B.  Keep four cards to the Royal and toss the 7D.
C.  Keep all cards as I did not play max. coin and I need the return to keep playing.
7) At what Jackpot amount, should I play this progressive quarter Jacks or Better?
A.  When the Jackpot reaches $2370. for an 8/5 version.
B.  When the Jackpot reaches $1850 for an 8/5 version.
C.  When the Jackpot reaches $1250 for an 8/5 version.   
8) How often does a Royal Flush come around with a Jacks or Better version?
A.  Approximately every 35,000 hands.
B.  Approximately every 40,000 hands.
C.  Approximately every 45,000 hands.
9) If I learn and play optimum strategy for Jacks or Better, can I use that same strategy for other VP games?
A.  Yes. You use the same strategies for Bonus, Double Bonus and any other Jacks or Better game.
B.  Yes. Except for games that pay a Bonus for Four Aces.
C.  No. Different VP versions require different playing strategies.

10) What is an Easy Royal?
A.  Four parts dealt and one card will ‘do the trick’.
B.  Royal after you Hold card(s) and hit the Deal button.
C.  Royal Flush dealt to you.

How do you think you fared with this Video Poker Quiz? Let's see with Answers to Video Poker Quiz 2 below.

1) B. Short pay VP reduces the payout for certain hands. For example, straights and full houses usually by 5 coins thereby reducing the overall payback for that version.
Therefore, a 9/6 Jacks or Better game with 99.5% overall payback is reduced to 95% for a 6/5 version.

2) A. Loose Deuces pays 2500 coins for 4 Deuces while B pays 1000 and C pays 2000 IF the fifth card is an Ace. While some poker hands are reduced for Loose Deuces, the big strike for four Deuces increases the overall payback for this game to a delightful 100.97%.

3) C. Bring on the Royalty be it King, Queen or Jack for extra coin with 4 Aces.

4) B. This popular VP version also pays well for other poker hands and is the easiest game to learn. The pair of 9’s payout must be a consideration for optimum play when selecting one of the two cards to complete a hand.

5) A. Stay the course is the best advice here. Play each version/hand with the same optimum strategy as you would with a single full-pay version with max coin, of course.

Video Poker Quiz Answers 6 - 10
6) B. With the big payday offered for a Royal, this is an opportunity you don’t pass up. If you are not playing max. coin for all VP versions, all I can say is ‘Yikes’.

7) A. Sit down and play for this game is about to ‘pop wide open’. Answer C is correct IF you were playing a 9/6 version--not likely, in the world of progressive VP.

8) B. Unless you have sat through more than 50 hours of playing the same machine, you don’t know how many hands have been played before you. But, let’s be optimistic and expect that it’s 39,999—yes?

9) C. Smart VP players learn optimum strategy for all versions. There are different strategies for Wild Card games vs. Jacks or Better. The same is true for Bonus vs. Double Bonus games

10) C. Dealt to you is the ‘easy’ way, but let’s not be fussy for ‘All of the Above’ is also an acceptable answer for this Video Poker Quiz.
Good luck with your Royal Quest.

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Q. On the  VP machines with multiple games, i.e. Bonus Poker, Super Aces, etc. Does each game use a different deck or do all games use the same deck?
A. There are separate decks utilized for each VP game. In addition, there is a separate RNG program for each game.

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