Sportsbetting Online: A Primer

In this lesson, Sportsbetting Online at Learn Sportsbetting program, we will investigate the phenomenon of betting online and what it takes to succeed as a player.
Let’s begin with a brief look at the differences between traditional and online sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks: Traditional vs. Sportsbetting Online

Sportsbooks that are land-based such as those found in Las Vegas offer bettors the same action that comes without the risk of wagering with a relative unknown.
So you may wonder then, “What’s the difference?”

There are several advantages to sportsbetting online.
The biggest difference between them is that there is no face-to-face transaction. This means it can take thousands of bets simultaneously whereas a Vegas Bookie can only take dozens at the same time.
This lowers the cost dramatically to a point where they can offer deposit bonuses and even sport/bet types that may be less profitable than what the Vegas bookies can offer.

Land-based books don’t comp very much for sports play, as it is a low profit margin product for casinos.
Also, it is incredibly time consuming to drive down to the bookie, pay for your parking, and walk the distance through the maze of slot machines to the sportsbook to place your bet.
It just seems much easier and in fact, cheaper to place your bets from home plus many times, there are the added bonuses attached to doing so.
Additionally, sportsbetting online grants punters greater accessibility to some very informative resources and betting opportunities that do not depend upon location plus the ability to place bets from any computer that has internet access.
Internet savvy gamblers can use the internet to research teams, find the best odds, register at the sportsbook of their choice and place a wager all in the fraction of the time.

Sportsbooks Features
Most people generally have their own impressions about the features that make up a good online sportsbook.
For some it is the number of sports that are covered while others prefer sportsbetting online that offer lavish comps. There are others who prefer a site has a built in casino or poker room.
There is no one feature that makes up a good sportsbook.
While there is certainly a variety of personal preferences involved in selecting a site that fits you best, there are also some key elements that are universal to a quality sportsbook.

You should be looking for sites that offer a combination of the following features:
1) The site should provide a wide range of events and betting opportunities.  Most premium sportsbooks frequently cover a large selection of events and betting opportunities.
Some basic examples of popular betting options to look for include: reverse bets, round robins, futures, propositions, straight wagers, parlays, teasers, and if-bets.

2) They should offer competitive odds that will vary by site. Make sure you get the best possible price for each bet.
Tip: use an odds comparison service like to find the best price.

3) Good player incentives are important. It is in the best interest of the gambler to select a site that will offer at least a moderate offering of incentives. These incentives can take many forms that include not only sign up bonuses, but also VIP points, 5% juice, referral bonuses and re-load bonuses among other things. Additionally, there should be a variety of periodic promotions on offer as well. In the ideal situation, the chosen site will feature a combination of incentives on a recurring basis such as monthly deposit bonuses so that online gamblers can perpetually supplement their bankroll.

4) Look for special options. Websites that go that ‘extra mile’ to offer special features like in-running betting that allows the customer to place bets while the action is taking place. Also, sites that allow person-to-person (P2P) wagering that permits bettors to browse and accept betting propositions posted by the other site members and/or to propose desired bets of their own.

5) Quality customer service is essential. You will want to verify that the sportsbetting site provides customer service agents who are knowledgeable and are able to deal with all questions in an efficient and polite manner.

6) Betting resources. You will want to seek out sites that provide informative resources to the players. Sportsbetting online often involves a great deal of research and the very best sites will want to assist their customers in all areas.
Watch for newsletter offers, links to sports-related portals, free picks and other services.

7) You will want multiple banking options. Good sportsbetting sites will offer a number of different and convenient banking options.

8) Good quality site design. Players should always be wary of a site that looks as if it were thrown together in a hurry. That could be the first sign of an organization that is struggling, and the last place that you want to spend your money.

While this Learn Sportsbetting lesson does not represent everything that is available, the best sportsbetting online sites tend to offer some combination of these features.
Always keep these criteria in mind whenever you are considering gambling at a site, and perhaps even customize these tips by adding a few of your own requirements to the list.

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