What is your Slots Type Quiz?

by J. Phillip Vogel

To determine your Slots Type, I have put together this quiz for online and land-based slot players at Learn, Play Slots program. 
Read the 10 questions below, answer each truthfully, and determine your slots type.    
Ready?  Let’s have some fun.

Read the quiz question and note the answer that best describes your slots habits.

1. When playing slots you:
A. Stay with only one or two machines you really like.
B. Like to sample a wide variety of games, especially if they look fun.
C. Play until you make a small profit and then quit.
D. Always hunt for the best paying machines, regardless of the game.

2. When playing slots, what is the size of your bankroll?

A.    $100 or less.
B.    $100 to $500
C.    $501 to $1,000
D.    More than $1,000

3. Which are your favorite slots?what is your slots type quiz at gambling teachers
A.    Classic games only
B.    Machines with exciting bonus games
C.    Progressive jackpot slots
D.    Any slots will do—as long as it wins.

4. How often do you play slots online or off? 

A.    Every 2-3 months.
B.    At least once a month.
C.    At least once a week.
D.    Daily—if I can.

5. The number of coins you bet for each spin:

A.    The minimum to make the reels spin.
B.    Based on denomination. The higher cost, the fewer coins I play.
C.    Usually the max, but sometimes, I play fewer coins.
D.    Always play the maximum number of coins. 

6. As an alternative to slots, I play:
A.    Nothing else, just slots.
B.    Bingo, lottery, and other games.
C.    A few table games.
D.    Any other games where payouts are big.

7. When I locate a winning slot, I tell my friends and family.
A.    True, I want them to win also.
B.    True, I want to brag about my winnings.
C.    False, I don’t want to jinx it!
D.    False, I don’t want to share my profits.

8. If you have to choose one kind of comp, what would it be?
A.    ‘No deposit required’ bonus online or slots card at casinos.
B.    VIP points that earn free cash, meals or rooms.
C.    Sign-up/re-load bonus on deposits online
D.    Cash back rewards on wins and losses

9. You are a member at how many online or offline casinos?
A.    1
B.    2-5
C.    6-10
D.    More than 10

10. If you lost your entire bankroll quickly, you would:
A.    Play free games online or head home from a land-based casino.
B.    Make another deposit online or get cash immediately at casino.
C.    Quit and deposit again later.
D.    Start looking for another online casino to join to receive another sign-up bonus or go to another land-based casino.

After answering the questions, give a point value to each as follows:
A=1 Point
B=2 points
C=3 points
D=4 points

Your Slots Type Quiz Score_______

Now, compare your score to the table below. 
Points        Slots Type
10-20        Type I
21-33        Type II
34-40        Type III

Your Slots Type________

Summary of Quiz
Slots Type I:  It’s all about the fun. 
You are a recreational slots player. You have your own game preferences and remain loyal. Sometimes you will try new games, but only if they look particularly fun or interesting.  Your preferred site/casino features a nice mix of slots, but overall selection doesn’t have to be outstanding. 
You like getting free cash to try out the games, and watch your bankroll.  Thrifty gambling is your mantra.   
Slots Type II:  High maintenance player. 
You’re looking for excitement more than anything else.  You want the fun and thrill of possibly making a big score via a jackpot or progressive game, but would also settle for winning moderate amounts—as long as they were consistent. 
HM players usually play aggressively and often work through their entire bankroll much faster than a Type I player.

Slots Type III:  Strictly business.

While you think slots are entertaining, what you’re really after isn’t so much passive recreation—its money.  You have allegiance to a site, casino or a game for only as long as you’re getting paid. 
Type III players typically have accounts/cards with several different sites/casinos, and often move to new casinos that offer high comps for action.
A ‘business player’ typically knows the payout percentage for any game played, as well as the total average for the site or land-based casino.  You come prepared with a sizeable bankroll and aren’t afraid to use it.
Have you found your perfect slots type?  Did you learn something about your slot-playing habits that you didn’t know before?
We invite your comments at Gambling Teachers.

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