SitGo Poker Tournaments

SitGo Poker, also known as Sit and Go or Sit ‘n Go,  is a single table tournament that will have you competing with as many as 9 other players depending upon the poker room where you are playing.
Some of them have 10-seat tables, while others will seat only 9. Playing in a Sit & Go tournament is much like playing the final table in any of the regular tournaments, except you will only have to beat 6 or perhaps 7 people to be in the money.
That’s what makes these tournaments so exciting.

SitGo Poker: Analyzing the Game
Most poker rooms pay the top three players. Those players are the ones that we will discuss here.
Payouts are as follows:
1. First place gets 50% of the prize pool
2. Second gets 30%
3. Third place will get 20%

Buy-in fees for the tournaments vary, but you’ll find that most are $5. or $10. Both tournaments will cost you a one-dollar entry fee that goes to the house, though there are some SitGo poker rooms that will only charge a 50-cent entry fee on the $5. tournament. Since the online casinos we are looking at charge a one-dollar entry fee for both the $5. and $10. buy-ins, you are probably better off to play in the $10. tournament.
The buy-in fee goes to the prize pool for distribution to the winning poker players.

SitGo Poker: Playing the Game
The tournaments are fast paced. The game got its name because as soon as you have registered for the tournament, you are taken directly to your table. Once all of the seats have filled up with poker players, the tournament begins.
If you happen to go to a busy poker room, it’s likely that it will only take a few short minutes for your tournament table to fill in.
The great thing about these tournaments is that they are running continuously and there is usually several tournaments running at any given time.

SitGo Poker Strategy
Patience is the key to getting in the money in a Sit & Go Tournament. Many of the poker players in these tournaments are generally loose with their game and they will play too many hands. Try not to play too many hands in the early minutes of the tournament. If you do, you are more likely to lose.
Take your time and relax. Let the loose players knock themselves out of the tournament and the next thing you know there will be only 4 or 5 SitGo players left.
At that point, you now only have to beat 2 or 3 of them and you’re in the money.
When you are playing a hand, be sure to pay close attention to the action. It’s at this point that you are going to want to see who is playing loose and who isn’t. This is important to the overall winning strategy.
If you remain a patient player, you will see what I mean.

Once the Sit & Go poker tournament reaches the point of only 4 or 5 players at the table, the action will begin to tighten up.
The remaining players are hoping like you, to be into the money.
They want to coast in and if you are paying attention, you’ll be able to pick up some short stacks from those who are folding hoping to make it into the money.
You’ll likely be able to nail some of the blinds as well.
If you are sitting there with a large stack, you want to be sure that the short stack players aren’t looking at some cheap flops.
You should either fold out of it, or go into it with a raise.

A Word of Caution: If the other players’ stacks are very short, they will commit themselves to the pot and call out of simple desperation. Make sure that you don’t double them up with a garbage hand.

Once the SitGo poker tournament is down to 3 players, you’re in the money. Congratulations!
Now it’s time to either play for first place, or go broke trying.
If you’re the chip leader, you will play best by raising every hand. Don’t let the other poker players see the flop go on the cheap side of things. If you are on the button, let the blinds fight it out among themselves.

OK. Now it’s down to 2 players. The time to play aggressively is now. You simply cannot afford to wait when paying head to head because more often than not, it comes down to who can take the most blinds.
That said, either you will have to get loose and call more often or you will end up going broke.
At this point, you need to know that the Queen-Seven is considered the computer hand simply because computer simulations have shown that this hand will win 51.77 percent of the time in a heads up game. This hand or just about any other hand higher than this will pretty much force you to play.
The most important thing to remember when playing SitGo poker is to be Patient!

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