Royal Flushes and  Video Poker

by John Grochowski

As VP players, we like to discuss Royal Flushes while playing both online or off. It’s all about the ones we hit, the ones we didn’t and the ones that are still to come. Let's explore at this lesson for the Learn to Play Video Poker program.

Video Poker players are philosophical about their Royals.
One asked me what the lack of Royals did to the payback percentage, while the other wanted to know if expert strategy gives you a better chance at Royals.

Mostly, Royal Flushes account for about 2 percent of your long-term return. When you read that 9-6 Jacks or Better returns 99.5 percent with expert play, Royals account for about 2 percent of that. Between Royals, you’re playing about a 97.5 percent game.

Within that 97.5 percent, of course, there’s room for a lot of volatility. Sometimes you’re going to hit a cluster of four of a kinds, and win big even without a Royal.
Sometimes you’ll struggle to find better than two pair, and you’ll have a session that doesn’t begin to approach 97 percent. It happens.

I remember volatility taking a big swing in my favor.
I was playing 8-5 Jacks or Better video poker --- the best the casino had to offer --- and hit a four of a kind, and then another.
I, then, pushed the button to cash out. The tokens started to pour into the tray … and then the hopper jammed. I waited, and waited, and waited some more.
By the time an attendant came over and cleared the jam, the hopper then stopped again. This time it needed a fill.

While waiting for the hopper fill, I started playing the next machine. Within five hands, I had another four of a kind. A few minutes later, quads again. Then again, and again. Within half an hour, I had six sets of quads to go with the two four of a kinds on the other machine. Volatility’s turn more than made up for my wait time. Therefore, big wins are possible without a Royal.
And, of course, large, fast losses are part of the game, too. But overall, your payback percentage is about 2 percent lower whenever your session doesn’t include a Royal.

As to the second question. “I read about expert strategy,” she started, “and I was wondering. Does expert strategy help me hit more Royals? I practice video poker play on the computer, and I try to play the right way, but it’s been about a year and a half since I hit a Royal Flush.

Royal-less streaks happen, and they can get awfully lengthy.
Given expert strategy, we’ll hit a Royal Flush about once per 40,000 hands, a little more or less often depending on the game and its strategy adaptations.
For Video Poker players who play at a steady, but not speedy, 500 hands an hour, that’ll give us a Royal about once per 80 hours of play. 
But we can’t count on that Royal Flush being there within 80 hours. With such a rare event, sometimes we’ll go two or three times that long without seeing a Royal Flush.
This player seems to be in one of those streaks now. Frustrating, but normal.

As for the question of whether expert strategy helps you hit more Royals, the answer is “not necessarily”. Expert strategy for video poker is designed to maximize the average return on each decision you face, and sometimes that means we’ll pass up the chance at a Royal Flush.

Playing 9-6 Jacks or Better video poker and dealt Queens of clubs, diamonds and spades, along with a King and a 10 of diamonds, do you hold the three of a kind, or do you hold King-Queen-10 of diamonds?

If you hold the three Queens, you have no chance at a Royal flush Video Poker.
If you hold the three diamonds, you’ll draw a Royal once per 1,081 hands. Still, holding the three Queens is a much, much better play. You’re assured of three of a kind, and have a chance at a full house or four of a kind. Your average return is 21.5 coins per five wagered, compared with 6.7 coins if you hold the three diamonds.

You could hit more Royal Flushes by using a “go for it”  strategy in which you always discard cards that get in the way of Royal possibilities.
You’d also lose a lot of money using it.

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