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This Poker Terms Dictionary includes the games of Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud Poker at the How to Play Poker program.

Action: is the poker term for a game where the player’s goal is to win the pot against other players. 

Texas Holdem Poker Terms
All In: Betting your available bankroll at one time.
Bad Beat: You take a bad beat when an opponent draws out on you. See Drawn Out.
Big Stick: Ace or King in the hold—great starting hand. There are several possibilities from this hand: high pair and/or high straight.
Blind: The mandatory bet that one or all players must make before the start of a particular game and before any cards are dealt.
Broadway: the likely-profitable ace-high straight
Button: the last player to bet. This is an advantage in that you have the opportunity to watch the other players before making a decision.
Calling Station: players who calls many bets, however rarely bets/raises his own hand.
Check-Raise: Using this strategy to receive extra bets, the player checks at his/her turn then raises after another player’s bet.
Cover: Player’s available bankroll can cover another player’s all-in bet.
Drawn Out: a come from behind move that makes a winning hand.
Fill Up: you want to complete a full house with your pair or three of a kind.
Fishy: A weak player
Flop: The first three community cards dealt and placed in the center of the table in the game of Hold ‘Em Poker.
Gutshot: a one draw to complete an inside straight. Example is 6, 7, 9 10 requires an 8.
Heads Up: two players trying for one pot.
Hit With the Deck: excellent cards coming your way for quite a while.
Muck: The name of the discard pile for Poker.
Nuts: the best of hands in the game thus far.
Overcard: a card that is higher than the highest cards on board.
Rainbow: a flop that displays three different suits, therefore a flush cannot be made.
Rake: A percentage and/or flat fee deducted from the pot after each betting round for the casino services. These services include a dealer and equipment.
Rock: player who raises or folds and rarely calls thus playing few hands.
Spike: snagging that winning card on the turn or river card.
Washing the Cards: The dealer blends the deck of cards in a circular motion with both hands before a shuffle is performed.

Hi/Lo Omaha Poker Terms
Baby: is a low card, generally a 5 or lower and offers the possibility of making a perfect low.
Banana: same as a Brick, a card between 9 and a King.
Brick: term for a card between 9 and a King as it is unlikely to qualify for an 8 low.
Escape: you have just snagged a card that will likely win half the pot.
Free Roll: a nice position. You are guaranteed the high or low plus the possibly of winning the other half puts you in a Free Roll.
Quartered: a split between two players for half the pot.
Runners: two consecutive cards that boost your hand are termed as runners.
Scoop: you have just won the whole pot—Congratulations!
Wheel: a very strong hand containing A-2-3-4-5 is termed a Wheel because it counts as a perfect low and a five high straight.

Stud Poker Terms
A small bet is place before receiving your hand. The ante is not part of a call made with the first bet or if the decision is to fold, the ante bet is lost.
Blank: card that appears to be of no help to your current hand.
Bring In: Once all cards are dealt, the lowest card on the table must make a small bet of approximately 1/3 the size of the lower limit set, and cannot fold. Example: for a $10/$20 stake, the player must bet at least $3. If another player raises to $10, the bring-in player has three options: a) fold, b) call the additional $7 or c) raise to $20.
Door Card: First upcard dealt in a round of Stud Poker. 
Fifth Street
: This is your third up card received to include two hole cards already received. At this juncture in the round, betting limits double and some players fold.
Hole Cards: two cards known only to the player therefore held ‘in the hole’.
Pocket Pair: dealt a pair in the hole. Pocket Pair term is used for Stud and Hold’ Em.
Rag: weak hole cards
Trips: term for three-of-a-kind. Example: AAA
Turn: Your fourth card received to include the two hole cards already received.

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