Online Slots Strategies & Choices

by Gayle Mitchell

This Online Slots Strategies & Choices lesson at Learn Slots, Play Slots program reveals each of the three slots groups separately and I drop in some strategies along the way.
The first rule for online slots strategies is to read the help menu for symbol payouts and top jackpots to determine the best bet.
Additionally, online slots have distinct names depending on the country or region where they are played. For example, fruit machines in the UK or pokies in Australia.
Branded or entertainment slots based on memorable games, movies or people have worldwide appeal. Monopoly, Clue, Deal or No Deal, War of the Worlds and Star Trek fit in the games/movies category. Familiar names and faces like Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, the Osbournes, Elvis and of course, the 3 Stooges are available online.

There is no doubt that online slots offer more versions, paylines and bonus features--a trend that is sure to continue.
25 + Multiple lines, free spins and multi-spins make up a large portion of the slots inventory. Some other choices for players who prefer traditional slots play are 2-Bet Max. 3-Reel 3-Line or 5 Reel 5 Line.
Examples are Wolf Run and Treasures of Troy, each with 40 paylines,
Cleopatra 2 that offers
a 50x multiplier with retriggers plus Lord of the Rings, Chuzzle and 100,000 Pyramid. 
There are three groups of online slots:
1.  Basic with a single payline and constant jackpot.  
2.  Progressives that offer an ever-growing jackpot.  
3.  Bonus Added. Additional features of these online slots include multi-spins, 5 reels, multi-lines, bonus games and nudge-hold. 
Basic Online Slots Strategies:
While exploring the choices of single payline, basic machines, you should seek out these features:
1) Multiplier symbols that double/triple++ your credits for winning combinations.
The principle of a multiplier symbol is simple--whenever it appears on the payline with any other symbols that normally would have made a winning combination, the payoff amount is multiplied as displayed.
These multiplier amounts will vary from game to game and can be double or even as high as 10 times of the original win value.
2) Wild symbols to increase your credit total.
While wild symbols will reward extra credits or spins, it usually does not double/triple your win as multiplier symbols do.
There are however, several exceptions to this rule, but it is not the norm. Examples would be games like High 5, or even Couch Potato.
Thus, the ideal basic version will have multipliers and wild symbols.
3) Two coin maximum in the name of wager management.
Two-coin maximum in the name of wager management, the exception to this particular rule would be when there is a progressive linked to the game in question.
4) Look for a top jackpot at the low end (ex. 1000 coins) as the payouts are more frequent than a top jackpot at the high end (ex. 10,000 coins).

Progressive Online Slots Strategies: 
Before playing any single group of progressives, check out the top jackpot amounts at the online casinos for comparison.
The bigger, the better is the rule here. When a top jackpot reaches double and more than the minimum reset amount, it is hot, hot, hot for the big strike.
Beware that there is the possibility of the game rising to a higher level. Case in point: The progressive win combination rolls around when someone has less than the maximum bet on the machine.
When researching the progressives, you will want to view previous hits where possible and the history of a particular progressive slot machine to assist you in making your selection of the game.
Many online progressive games have been around for some time and developed a reputation for the best bet. For example, MegaMoola.

If you are playing a progressive game, whether it’s slots or any other game, you MUST play maximum bet, or you can never realize the full return of the machine.
The worst possible thing you can do is play one of these machines at less than maximum coins and have the winning combination appear on the payline. It happens much more often than you think and occurs with slots, video poker and other games as well.
If you are practicing sound online slots strategies and are not in a position to play maximum coins, then you should play another game.
It’s all or nothing when a progressive jackpot comes into question.

Online progressive machines give you the benefit of instant payments. That is to say, you still have to wait for the check to arrive, but you get your money all at once, with no installments.
It’s the absolute best arrangement that there is.
Have fun with these ‘life-changing slots’ and in the end may all your progressive wins be progressively profitable.

Bonus Added Online Slots Strategies:
It’s the extra features and options offering players bonus credit wins that separates this group of online slots.

1) Some online casinos are now carrying your offline favorites that are available for to play. Examples of these favorite slot games are:
A) Texas Tea: the Big Oil bonus pops up when you get 3 oil derricks on a payline that you activated. This affords you the opportunity to win large by placing oil rigs on various parts of Texas and watching how much oil spews from the well.
B) Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy: this game is a 15 line video slot with a super wild symbol that pays 2-5 times your bet on a winning payline.
C) Jeopardy: wild symbol doubles your credits and a bonus feature gives you the opportunity to win big. Keep choosing until you hit Final Jeopardy.
D) $50,000 Pyramid: 3 or more winners circle symbols on the payline activates the bonus feature on this fantastically fun game. See how many credits you can rack up with your free spins.
E) Transformers: is a 25-line slot featuring Megatron and Optimus Prime as bonus symbols. Watch your credits mount on the bonus spins.
These games are the officially licensed versions authorized by IGT gaming and Hasbro. You will not find any cheap knock-offs here! These slots online run on the Wagerworks platform.

2) Multi-spin Games: These are games within a game. You can play 2, 4, 6 or more games within added reels at multi-spin games. Some examples of these games are Double Magic and Goblins Cave.

3) 5 Reel Slot Machines: These slot machines are much more than just additional reels. They offer scatter pay, wild symbols; multipliers and extra bonus features that vary from game to game.
Bars & Stripes and Congo Bongo are just a couple of examples of these types of slots.

4) Multi-Line Slots: These slots have as many as 40 paylines allowing an opportunity to have wins on multiple paylines at one time. They also offer a variety of different options that include multipliers, wild symbols, scatter pays, progressive jackpots, bonus features and more. Examples of these types of games are Pharaoh’s Tomb and Millionaire’s Lane.

5) Bonus Slots: You will find free spins and a second bonus event at these slot machines. You can put your skills to the test and come out on top. Examples of these types of slot games include Golden Goose and Zone of the Zombies.

6) Fruit Machines: The always-popular fruit machine games are available as well. These games are available in the UK and offer interactive fun. These slots may have nudge and hold features available that permit slot players to move symbols up or down or even hold the reels for bonus credits. Examples of these games include Fruit Fight and Pub Fruity.

Online Slots Strategies:     
Read all information posted. With many more payout options for bonus versions, this becomes very important.
It’s easy to go from the current spin to the paytable while playing with the click of a button,
Payouts by symbol and top jackpot should be contributing factors in selecting the game.
Online Slots Strategies include being certain to activate all paylines or you will lose credits if a win lands on a payline that you did not include with your bet.
If you don’t bet maximum coin for each spin, at least bet 1-2 credits/payline unless the slot is a progressive--see above.
The ‘hold and spin’ slot versions allow you to hold all or none of the game symbols on the bottom reel and those selected are held on all the other reels for a second spin. These online slots versions will test your skills.

TRIPLE PROFITS: Online Slots Strategies
Triple your profits going for lines of Wild Gold Bars and Dollar Signs.
For example, one of my favorites, Triple Profits has a hold-spin option.
A description of the strategy follows based on the paytable options.
Hold three same symbols on the bottom reel.
Hold two same symbols with one exception depending on your level of risk. With this slot, any three of the combination of calculators, safes and/or scales is an instant win.
Therefore, when presented with two calculators and one scale, you can go with the instant win or hold the two same symbols, the calculators in this case, and try for a third calculator or a wild symbol for a higher payout.
The same online slots strategies would then apply to different colored moneybags or different colored dollar sign coins.
Three of the same color gives you a better payday, while a mix of three is an instant win.
The wild symbol also presents an opportunity in that you can hold just the wild symbol or select an additional higher paying symbol, perhaps a red dollar sign, which may produce a generous payout.
Your final playing decision should take into consideration that three wild Gold Bars offer the top prize.

Lastly, your favorite online slots will always be your first choice, but like all slot players; I am always searching for what's new and applying online slots strategies.
In the end, the variety in the slots playground never disappoints.

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