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This Keno quiz at Learn Bingo Keno Games program will test your knowledge of the game with 10 questions and answers.
Keno is indeed the equivalent of a lottery but much faster.
You don't have to wait a few days for the results, just a few minutes.
We begin this Keno Quiz with a numbers question, of course.

1) Players Keno tickets are number 1 through 80. How many numbers can you play on a specific ticket?
A. 1 – 10 numbers
B. 1 -  20 numbers
C. 1 – 30 numbers

2) Which of these factors does not influence the outcome of the keno ball draw?
A. Random Number Generator
B. The Glass Bubble
C. The Dealer

3) Which of the following is not a part of the Keno set up?
A. Cardskeno quiz at gambling teachers
B. Tickets
C. Balls

4) What is the average house edge for Keno?
A. 64%
B. 25%
C. 30%

5) Which type of bet allows a player to circle two or more groups of numbers on a single keno ticket?
A. Way Ticket
B. Split Ticket
C. Combination Ticket

6) Which type of keno bet allows a player to play for more than one game for the same numbers?
A. King Ticket
B. Way Ticket
C. Multi Race Ticket

7) Which two types of keno bets have the same odds but one has a higher rate of returns than the other does?
A. Straight Ticket and Way Ticket
B. King Ticket and Straight Ticket
C. Way Ticket and Multi Race Ticket

8) How many numbers can a player choose with maximum chances of hitting all the numbers?
In short, what group of numbers has the highest favorable odds?
A. 20
B. 7
C. 5

9) Which is the most commonly played ticket in Keno?
A. Split Ticket
B. Straight Ticket
C. King Ticket

10) Where can one find the payout stats for a game of Keno?
A. The Keno Table
B. Keno Websites
C. On TV Sets
D. All of the Above

Keno Quiz Answers:
1) B. The players’ tickets are numbered one through 80.  You can choose to play between one and 20 numbers on a given ticket.

2) C. The keno system is entirely automated and there is no human element involved in the outcome of the event.

3) A. is the answer for this keno quiz question: Cards dominate the world of gambling but keno is a tickets and bouncing balls game.

4) B. The house edge varies from one casino to another in the range of 4% to 64%. The average keno house edge is 25%.

5) B. Split Ticket: A player can bet on two or more groups of numbers on a single keno ticket by circling the groups to be played.
6) C. Multi Race Ticket: This is a keno ticket that indicates that it will be played for two or more sessions in a row.

7) A.
  Way tickets and Straight tickets have the same odds but the payoffs are much higher for Way Tickets as combining groups of numbers and hitting off on one is a more probable outcome for keno than just one set of numbers.

8) C. 5. The odds of getting all 5 numbers in a game of keno are the highest at 23.3%.

9) B. A Keno Straight Ticket is the most commonly played ticket, as the odds calculation is simple and easily understood.

10) D.
All of the above is the answer for this keno quiz question.
A, B and C is where one would find the keno payout stats when playing at a casino, online and in hotel suites respectively.

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On this particular Saturday afternoon, Colin watched and played as his 10 Keno numbers came up. “I’m just trying to settle my heart rate down,” he said moments after claiming the $2.2 million jackpot. “The whole club is in an uproar.”
The jackpot came at the sixth game of a 10-game ticket, investing just $1 per game and using his the numbers - 42, 43, 44, 52, 53, 54, 61, 62, 71 and 73.

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