Horseracing System 1

by Vincent Conti

Horseracing System 1 or 'Horse Off the Claim'  is based on horses moving up in class immediately after being claimed. 
There’s no mathematics, no software needed to easily pick out a horse off of a claim.
It takes only minutes to apply, and you can basically peruse through the entire racing form within minutes identifying this type of strategy.
The horse off the claim strategy applies to all types of races, i.e. claiming races, allowance races, handicap races and even maiden special weights/maiden claimers.

This horseracing system 1 allows you to find a particular horse and wheel it in exactas, pick three’s and pick fours, etc.
The special wager for this horseracing system is the exacta wheel.
Example; if the horse off the claim is the #5 horse, your wager would be a $2.00 exacta 5 with ALL. This type of wager tends to bring in big balloons for a small investment.
Before I continue with different wager types, let me explain to you how the “horse off a claim” actually works and when to apply it.
But first, you need to recognize the claim symbol in the daily racing form. Read this past performance statement:
15Mar 10GP 1 fm :45.3 1:09.3 1:34.4 3y  c-Md32000 53 6 7 7 7 7 VelasquezCH L 112b .
Notice the small “c” before the maiden claiming initials. This simply means the horse was claimed that race. Simple to recognize and easily spotted throughout the daily racing form. Horses are claimed in both maiden claiming and claiming races.
The race immediately after the trainer claims a horse can be any type of race as mentioned previously i.e. Allowance, Handicap etc.

Horseracing System 1: Let’s get to the point
1. Look for horses that were claimed in their previous race.
2. The horse had to run 4th or worse. If the horse ran 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you cannot apply the system.
3. The race immediately following the claim in which the horse is entered must be a raise in class. Needless to say, the percentage increase in class does not matter.

Example, a horse is claimed in a maiden race for 32,000 and runs 7th.
The following horserace, the trainer enters the horse into a maiden claiming race for 45,000, or a maiden special weight class. As long as it moves up in class, we can apply our horseracing system.
Take a look at the winning examples of a claimed horse.
The # 2 horse Emerald Sunrise was claimed in his previous race at the 10,000 claiming level. The horse ran worse than 4th (the horse ran 6th) and the race immediately after the claim is a raise in class. This race is a claiming race of 16,000.
Play the system, play the horse to win. Play the exacta #2 with All.
Notice the results.
Emerald Sunrise won easily paying a huge $102.00 to win.
The $1.00 exacta paid $493.00.
It is of the utmost importance that when you apply this system you stick to rules 1, 2, and 3 and ignore all other race conditions such as weight, track condition, workouts, speed time, etc. 

This simple horseracing system 1 has been proven to pick winners over and over again. You need to apply the rules and be disciplined when wagering.
I can show you many examples of this type of strategy, each with a different change of distance, jockey, and equipment but nonetheless they all were claimed and moved up in class the following race.
As I will emphasize the fact that you need to follow the steps 1, 2 and 3 listed and do not get derailed by any other race factor.
You will need to put your blinkers on when applying this system and disregard all other race details.
My confidence level in this horseracing system 1 is extremely high, especially when I see a claim, a move up in class, and blinkers are added to the horse. The trainer obviously knows what he/she is doing to produce a soon-to-be winner.
It’s just a matter of reading the daily racing form, finding the claims, applying the simple rules and managing your wager(s). 

Win Percentage: After a year long survey, the 'Horse off the Claim' system produces winners 55% of the time. However, it only takes one win to put you ahead of the game as the winners to this system are usually long shots.  

HorseRacing System 1 is followed by 2: Frontrunner Special
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