Gambling Top 10 Casino Games

by Gayle Mitchell

What are the Gambling Top 10? In this lesson, we explore the best casino games.
When you enter any casino online or off, you should take a good look at your surroundings. You will see lights, action, people coming and going, no clocks, free drinks, plus lots of slots and gaming tables. Your plan should be to observe and shop for value.  
It’s like buying a car. You don’t buy the first car you see; you shop around. 
After you look around, test-drive a few of the games.
Then you can make the best, most profitable deal with your hard-earned money. 
Practicing Intelligent Gambling and Wager Management translates to learning specific strategies for casino games that, when played correctly, will result in a casino advantage of less than 3%.
Additionally, with the gambling top 10 game bets in the hands of educated gamblers, they are provided the envious advantage of diversification—moving confidently from one game to another, with the knowledge and tools to be prepared and profit from the casino experience.
These Gambling Top Ten best games listed below offer a casino advantage of less than 3% when played correctly. Your goal should be to keep the casino edge less than this figure. 
1.  Video Poker : This game, when played with ‘optimum strategy’ is certainly the ‘best of the machine bets.’ 
2.  Blackjack: In my opinion, the very best table game. With the right playing conditions and strategy, the casino advantage is less than 1%.  
3.  Craps: Join in ‘the roar’ of this exciting game. Learn the game with our Learn to Win program and you will find not only the best bets, but best strategies.
4.  Baccarat: Basic strategy is easy to learn plus mini-baccarat should be on your schedule. 
5.  Roulette: Single zero, correct strategies and systems result in ‘spinning profits’. 
6.  Pai-Gow Poker: Another good choice for card-players. 
7.  Live Poker: 7 Card Stud, Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha and 3-Card Poker are in the cards. 
8.  Bingo: Always a popular game but now in the Top 10. 
9.  Sports Betting: Sports fans know this profitable bet. 
10.Certain Slot Machines: You can improve your chances of finding the Slots of your Dreams by selecting the right machine and denomination.  
You may have noticed that Gambling Teachers offers Learn to Win programs for all the Gambling Top 10 games listed above.
Wager Management:
Before you learn about any of the Gambling Tops 10 casino games to play and the playing strategies for each, and before you make that next casino trip, you must have a plan...a winning plan. The key component of that plan is wager management. 
Without wager management, you beat yourself by literally putting yourself at the mercy of the casinos.
Wager management takes the control away from the casino and puts it back where it belongs—in your hands.
A winning wager management plan can whittle away at the casino’s edge as do the Gambling Top 10.
So, what exactly is wager management? It’s a plan you make before your trip. 
In this plan, you decide what you will spend, how big your bets will be and when you will quit playing. 
I suggest that serious gamblers open a separate bank account and record and detail each trip by date and time.  
Start by deciding on your total bankroll for your trip—the amount you can afford to spend.
Notice I said ‘spend,’ not ‘lose.’ A winning attitude is part of your winning plan.  
Lastly, remember, “Not only do you have good luck with an education, but you are making your luck”

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