Gambling Systems

by Larry Edell

Gambling Systems is a lesson relating to table play that, when used properly, will increase your winnings substantially.
You’ve probably heard of these three gambling sytems: win/loss goals, discipline, and comps. 
Let’s take a look at all three and see how they can benefit your sessions, whether you play blackjack, craps or roulette.
Gambling Systems: Discipline
At any casino, you should know about money management and setting win/loss goals.
You buy in for $500 and have a $200 loss limit, hit it but keep on playing anyway. Whammo--you lose all your money again because you have the gambling systems knowledge, but no discipline. This goes for the winning side also.
If you had a $200 win goal, reached it, but kept on playing anyway, you just might get a Whammo as well if the table turns.

When you have discipline, you are making a promise with yourself to accomplish a certain goal.
In your other business and personal agreements, your own integrity keeps that promise, even if it is an unwritten one. Why not keep your agreements with yourself when you play table games?

Besides the obvious advantage of profiting more by using proven techniques when you play, you’ll also have increased self-esteem and confidence because you kept your commitment to yourself. You’ll make more money and feel better at the same time.

Gambling Systems: Win/Loss Goals     
The reason why you need a win goal is because tables fluctuate.
You can be $100 up one moment and $100 down the next. How do you know when to stop and still leave with a profit?

Your win goal should be based on your individual session money, and should be 30% of your buy in. For example, if you buy in with $100 and are $30 ahead you should quit.
When you gamble you need a definite, unchangeable win goal - something you can shoot for. You can’t just play haphazardly and hope to win thousands from a $5 bet.
The opposite of a win goal is a loss limit, and it’s also 30%.
If you buy in for $100, you leave when you win or lose $30. If you buy in for $500, you leave when you win or lose $150.

You need a loss limit because if you play thinking that since you brought $100, the most you can lose is $100, then you certainly will lose it all.
One of the cardinal rules of gambling is to increase your bets while winning but decrease them while losing. But when many people start losing, they keep on playing as if nothing was different, or worse, keep increasing their bets.
Stick to your guns. Set a win goal and a loss limit. Over the long run, you’ll win more and lose less.

Gambling Systems: Comps
When you spend time gambling online or off, you can increase your profits by at least $500 by utilizing comps - yet most people who play do not even have comp cards. 
The first thing you should consider in applying for a comp card is your choice of casino. If you play craps, choose one that gives you credit for “spread” instead of “bet”.
For example, if you bet $10 pass, $12--6 & 8, and $5 field, you are counted as a $10 player in most casinos. But in the casinos that credit for spread, you are a $40 player.
If you play blackjack or roulette, play at a table that gives favorable rules and limits.
Casinos all have different rules and policies. Most online casinos offer very tempting ‘new account’ bonuses. You have to choose one yourself, based on what they can do for you.

The best way to find out about a land-based casino’s comp policies is to call them and ask for a “casino host”. Tell him (or her) that you are a player at another casino and want to try them out, and would like to have the casino rate for your first stay, which will save you about $30 per night at a mid-sized casino. If you gamble enough you will end up getting the room, food, drinks and a show for free.

This gambling system requires that you speak with the casino host to ask how you can get a credit line. Not only will a credit line be more convenient, but also it will look better for you when your comps are evaluated. You also won’t have to worry about carrying a lot of money to and from the casino.
Just before you start gambling, find the pit boss and ask to be rated. You will also need to go to the cashier a few minutes before you are ready to play and ask to have your credit activated.
Then, before you begin to bet, ask for a marker for the amount of your buy-in.

When you’re gambling, break your sessions up. You can gamble twice a day for two hours per session. For each of these six sessions, ask for a comp from the pit boss or floor person.
For example, after the first session, you could ask for a meal for two at a good restaurant. After the second session, ask for another meal in a different restaurant, or tickets to tonight’s show performance.

The value of a good meal or show for two is usually at least $50, often quite a bit more. Six sessions indicate that you will get about $300 worth (6 x $50) of comps.
If your comped room would normally cost $100 a day (weekend rate for two nights), this means that at the end of a weekend, you will have $500 ($300 + $100 + $100) you didn’t have before. 

These figures are based on an average bet of $50. Of course if you gamble more, you’ll get more comps. The casino host can tell you the required levels of betting for each level of comps.
If you are a $10 bettor, you can still get comps - usually to the buffet - but you’re still getting something you didn’t have before. Comps are a terrific advantage to every player, and you should maximize your comps whenever possible.
Gambling Systems: Conclusion
You can leave any casino a winner, just by carefully utilizing disciple, win/loss limits and comps.
If you have discipline and stick to your win/loss limits, any small loss will be more than compensated for by the comps you receive.

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