Craps System: Two Level Doey Don't

by Larry Edell

This Learn to Play Craps lesson teaches the Craps System: Two Level Doey Don't System.
Sometimes you will end up on a choppy table, and even with charting or qualifying, it stays choppy. Wouldn't be nice to bet on both sides at once and then, if a trend presents itself, just latch onto the table direction and rake in the profits?
This craps system is actually a combination of a two level do plus a two level don't.
You bet on the do side to start off and end up, after five or six rolls, mostly on the don't. Of course, if the shooter starts to look good you can stay on the do side and keep your bets up.
The good thing about this craps system is that after the first two hits on the do side, it is all profit on the don't.

First, make a bet for $44 inside. That's $10 each on the five and nine, and $12 each on the six and eight. After any number hits, you regress that bet by one unit. That's $5 for the five or nine, and $6 for the six or eight. After any two hits, you keep your regular and regressed bets up and use your winnings to make two don't come bets.
Your first don't come bet is for four units and the second is two units. Then, as each remaining place bet hits you take them down and wait for the seven to show.
Let's look at an example of this craps system. The shooter rolls a ten point and, after you bet $44 inside, the shooter rolls a 5. You win $14 and regress the five down to $5. Now a six shows so you win another $14 and regress your six bet down to $6. So you now have $5 on the five, $6 on the six, $10 on the nine, and $12 on the eight.
Since you've won two bets, you place $20 on the don't come.
The shooter rolls a four. Your $20 don't come goes to the four, and now the six rolls again. You win and take the place six down, as the second don't come bet for $10 goes to the six.
An eight rolls so you win and regress the place eight to $6. Now, you have $5 on the five, $10 on the nine, and $6 on the eight. You also have a $20 don't come bet on the four and a $10 don't come bet on the six.

The shooter throws a nine (so you win and take it down), and then a seven, so you lose $5 on the five and $6 on the eight.
You won $14 (on the first 5), $14 (on the first six), $7 (on the second six), $14 (on the eight), $14 (on the nine) and $30 (on both don't comes). So, you won $93 and lost only $11.

Craps system: the reason why you bet $20 on the first don't come and only $10 on the second is to afford you some protection against the seven.
If it rolls with the $10 in the don't come box you would still win $10 for your established don't come ($20 - $10) rather than just pushing. If the shooter rolled the point (in this case ten) you don't lose anything and all of your bets will stay up.
When he rolls the seven hopefully by then your two don't come bets will be more than any of your remaining place bets.   
This craps system is a terrific way to win on choppy tables, so give it a try the next time you find one!

Craps System is followed by the Fibonacci System
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