10 Wild Card Poker Games & Poker Jackpots

Wild Card Poker Games are exciting because the wild possibilities can bring an entirely different hand. These versions present ‘a roller coaster ride’ adventure for card players.
We begin with a game that is familiar to both poker and video poker players—Deuces Wild.

1) Deuces Wild
As the name implies with this wild card poker game, all four Deuces are wild. Deuces can be wild for most poker games, however is most familiar with the game of Jackpots, see below.

2) Wild Widow
This game begins with 5 cards dealt to each player, all face down. Before the final round, 1 card is displayed face up at center table designated as the wild card for all players. The other 3 cards of that same rank are also wild. Bets are made followed by a draw, final betting and the winner is declared.

3) Spit in the Ocean
4 cards are dealt to every player face down at this wild card game.
A 5th card is then turned face up in the center of the table and is designated as the community wild card for all players to build their hands. Additionally, all cards of that same rank are also wild, thus creating 4 wild cards for that game.
After a betting round and the wild card is established, each player can than draw to his/her original 4-card hand of up to 4 cards and discard all or part of the hand.
4) Baseball
This popular wild card poker game designates 9’s and 3’s as wild, therefore 8 wild cards per game. Once a 3 is dealt face up, that receiving player must match the pot or drop out. However, when a 4 is dealt face up, that receiving player gets an additional card face down.

5) Football
Comparable to Baseball, but this wild card poker game designates 6’s and 4’s as wild.
Also, a 4 dealt requires that player to decide to match the pot or drop out while a 2 brings that player an extra down card.

6) Heinz

This wild card poker game rules state—you guessed it—5’s and 7’s are wild. The difference is that players dealt any of these wild cards must decide to match the pot or drop out.

7) Woolworth
Another easy guess for this poker game is that 5’s and 10’s are wild. Players receiving a 5 face up pay 5 chips to the pot or drop out, while those receiving a 10 pay 10 chips or drop out.

8) Cincinnati
This poker game begins with 5 cards dealt to every player plus another hand of five cards face down is placed on the table. Each of these tabled cards is turned accompanied by a betting round after each is revealed. Players then build their final 5-card hand using held cards and the tabled cards.

9) Cincinnati Liz
Comparable to Cincinnati, but the middle card on the table is wild or may be played with the lowest card on the table is wild as agreed beforehand.

10) Mexican Stud
In an interesting twist, players are dealt their first 2 cards face down, at which time; they pick 1 card to be shown face up.
Once selected, the other hole card is now wild and betting proceeds. A 3rd card is dealt and another pick is determined by the player as to which of these 2 cards will be revealed and which card is wild, followed by betting.
This picking method and betting continues until each remaining player’s hand holds 1 wild card with 4 cards showing. The unique feature of this game is that the wild card held by an individual player is also wild for all other cards of the same rank.
The winner of the game is determined after the final betting round when all cards are shown.

Jackpots are ideally compatible with wild card poker games. After Jackpot games are dealt and antes placed, players vie to ‘open’ or make the first bet. However, no player can open unless he/she is holding, for example, a pair of Jacks or Better.
If all players are unable to open, there is another ante and another game begins.
If a player opens, the procedure is as follows: betting, then each player decides to drop, call or raise as the game continues.
In Jackpots, the player who opens must show his/her openers, but not the entire hand, before discarding.

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