7 Poker Software Reviews including Tournament Play

Gambling Teachers presents these 7 poker software reviews for players looking for resources to improve their game.
Poker software is an excellent resource for new or veteran players alike. It offers the best training, simulation of the games along with valuable stats for your game and your opponents.
The 7 poker software reviews are listed in order of individual games of Holdem, Omaha and Stud followed by 3 tournament reviews.
Wilson software poker series for Holdem, Omaha and Stud poker are up first.

1a) Poker Software Reviews: Wilson Turbo Texas Holdem
Features include the ability to create your own personal player and opposing player profiles. You control the game by determining the blinds, bet amounts and difficulty of the game. This poker software closely simulates a real poker game with simulated players who play like humans vs. computers, advice during each hand and custom graphics.
Wilson poker software uses artificial intelligence, extended modes of play to choose from, programming to help you study your opponents, and 60 different player faces.
The reality of poker play places this resource high on the poker software list.

1b) Wilson Turbo Omaha Hi-Low
Besides providing tools to create player and opponent profiles plus determining tight or loose play, this software can determine the blinds/bet amounts and a point counter on the screen can be viewed for assistance. Hand analyzers and poker tips help to make the simulation players appear lifelike. Score another Wilson hit for reality poker play.

1c) Poker Software Reviews: Wilson Turbo 7 Card Stud
Features include creating profiles for both your opponents and you, as the player by skill level. Hand analyzers allow more accurate playing of the simulated players.
The true bring in feature for this software and all Wilson poker products is the most realistic simulation of poker nowadays.

2) Holdem Inspector 2
This poker software offers the innovative feature of allowing one to analyze his/her game and study a certain situation. It also enables players to put up various profiles to test different techniques for many poker situations. It is sure to spike your holdem play.

3) Poker Software Reviews: Poker Office
This resource is said to be one of the most well-developed poker software since the original version. Its features the ability to automatically track stats, import old hand histories, and offers advice on how to improve the game--worth the money spent.

4) Mobile Poker Trainer
This Texas Holdem poker software is a good download for the cell phone. It is a fun diversion for newbie players, albeit limited to five characters that have predictable playing strategies.

Among all types of poker software, tournament poker is the undisputed leader.
Below are 3 poker software reviews for tournament play.

5) DD Tournament Poker
This poker software boasts 5000 computer opponents and a selection of 3 skill levels. Poker players can choose between playing a pre-defined tournament or customizing one that will meet their specifications.
DD features include analyzing your play via detailed hand history and statistics analysis.
Tournament summary: Total profit, Hands played, Hands won and Flop/Turn/River seen.
Detailed statistics per hand: Win/Lose, Flops/Turn/River seen, Big Blinds win/lose per hand, How often you check/bet/raise/ and check raise/re-raise/fold. 
Detailed statistics by pre-flop / flop / turn / river/ Win/Lose/Type of action.
Assistance by DD Poker Advisor.

6) Poker Tournament Manager: Poker Software Reviews 
This poker software is an inclusive package designed to host tournaments and includes a tournament assistant. There are plenty of colors and graphics plus audio/video add-ons for you to choose including poker clock with unlimited levels and breaks.
Support for buy ins, re-buys, chip add-ons, and point systems. 
Automatically calculates fixed or percentage based payouts.  You can even randomly assign seats and balance tables as players go out.    
Track Player Stats and Post Results. View stats and points to see top players over multiple tournaments including # of players remaining, average chip stack, next break, chip values, top payouts, and current blinds/ante/raises.         
Customizable tournament structure, audio and visual notifications plus color and screen options.      

7) The Tournament Director: Poker Software Reviews
This software provides a variety of game modes, game changes between rounds, and limit levels. The Tournament Director automatically calculates all of the numbers such as pot amounts, chip counts and buy in rates. This software also calculates player statistics over a number of games played. The Tournament Director offers these additional features:
Runs limit, pot-limit, and no-limit games, and game changes during a tournament (first round is Texas Holdem, second round is 7 Card Stud, etc)
Handles guaranteed pot, house contributions, formulas for awarding points, multiple rakes, player bounties
Save your rounds structure, prizes, layouts, chips, independently as templates for future tournaments.
Poker players prefer this software because it is easy to operate, can simulate real life poker situation, and offers several customization options.

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