Online Poker Games vs. Live Poker

by Gayle Mitchell
Part 2

The live vs. online poker games comparison continues with the features and details of online poker.

Online Poker Games
Two points that cannot be denied when discussing a comparison between live vs. online poker play are that poker has become the #1 card game worldwide and a mammoth increase in poker players has developed as the result of the popularity of online play.
Yes, there is an increase in live poker players too; however, that trend is the direct result of poker players who have jumped over to live tournaments from online beginnings.

Online poker play utilizes the same rules and regulations as a live poker game, but with benefits not available offline.
For example, an online poker site is not a casino in the sense that the house does not receive the money; however, the site is compensated with a percentage of pot monies, known as a 'rake'.
Additionally, in comparison to traditional poker games, online play is economical because overhead costs are not as high.
While the addition of another table and the space required would increase costs and create waiting times for players at live poker, this situation is corrected quickly online.

Online Poker Games cannot be surpassed for convenience in that no traveling is involved other than the few steps required to reach the nearest PC with an internet connection.
Informal is the rule here. A suit, tie, gown or jewelry is not required and is replaced by jeans, shorts, pajamas, a funny hat or heck, let's say it--no clothes!
Plus no tipping is required, a real benefit to thrifty players.

Also, Security should be included in this poker discussion. Transactions during play online are guaranteed safe and protected.
The best online poker rooms are connected with Verisign or Thawte Security. These are two of the most trusted security certificates in the world. Therefore, this protection all but eliminates cheating, as players are unable to change the cards dealt and seen in this virtual world. Also, cards cannot be marked in this safe environment.
Checks and balances are part of security. For example, a poker player's IP address can be determined in order to avoid players at the same address or an unknown proxy server from playing the same tables.
The poker software provides for additional player-oriented features. For example, players are reminded when their turn is due and it is possible to track and analyze other players and other tables.
For thrifty or newbie players, there is a low bet of a single penny available. Free rolls and low priced tourneys are great values that entice more beginners to the world of online poker vs. live poker.
Online poker games provide two options for players. You can sit and play with virtual players and uphold the opinion that humans are indeed smarter than computers. Or you can select the option of real players.

Moving on to the games, games and more games benefit of online play. There is something for every poker player.
Your poker adventure can include Texas Holdem (definitely the favorite currently), 7-Card Stud, Omaha or HiLo—pick your game, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat and/or Caribbean Stud Poker.
Games played in certain countries or locales previously are now available to online players worldwide 24/7.
Examples are the poker versions of Pusoy Poker, Red Dog/Acey Deucey and Let It Ride.
Alternatively, there are exclusive or proprietary online poker games available.
Examples are Poker Pursuit, Cyberstud and Pineapple Poker.

Oh wait, there's more! How about the benefits of tournaments, daily free rolls, 24/365 poker play—we never close, loyalty rewards and the opportunity to move on to the Big Game Tournaments with participation in satellite online poker games.
Lastly, the command for online poker is: Download, install and play!

This discussion cannot be concluded without the mention of the ongoing debate about the legality of online poker.
Many people believe that online poker is a form of online gambling when in reality, it is not. Rather than battling against the casino edge or advantage to win, online poker pits players against each other, not machines, thereby granting the same odds to all players.
This debate comes down to the fact that casino gambling involves games of chance while online poker involves skill, exactly like chess and backgammon.

Many factors should be considered if you choose to play at online poker rooms.
Gambling Teachers provides a detailed lesson, Online Poker Room: How to Choose following Online Poker Games.
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Pineapple Poker Online
With this proprietary poker version available online, players receive three cards each and must discard one of them after the flop is dealt at which time the game reverts to holdem rules.

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